I’ve had a keen interest in photography since being given my first camera, a $4.95 Kodak Brownie rollfilm model originally introduced in 1954. Although equipment and technology have changed enormously since then, what has always driven me is a fascination with the concept of being able to capture images that reflect what I see, and the satisfaction of viewing the resulting images. As I’ve gained experience, the challenge (and the satisfaction) has come from the creation of images that emphasize structural elements and composition. I’m fascinated by patterns and graphic design, natural or man-made.

Much of my early work could be considered travel or landscape photography. I was inspired by the work of Ansel Adams and Galen Rowell, both of whose work appealed to my love of the outdoors. Their superlative understanding of the interplay of landscape and light transformed my understanding of the potential of the medium.

Over time much of my work has become more abstract, even though many of the photographs are not manipulated beyond minor adjustments to reflect more accurately the exact scene I saw. This may be especially apparent in my "Landscapes: Abstract" gallery, which consists primarily of aerial photographs of the abstract patterns of the Australian Outback. On the other hand, I'm not in the least hesitant to extensively post-process the captured images to attempt to recreate the feeling I get from a scene or the impression it makes on me. This will be apparent from many of the images in my "Nature Reinterpreted" gallery.

In addition to patterns in nature, I am drawn to patterns and design elements in the man-made world. I am fascinated by the photographs of Ilse Bing and Joseph Sudek, among others, whose work resonates with my interest in composing photographs that capture these elements. Perhaps my Man-Made Interpretive gallery will give you a flavor of this new aspect of my work. Some of the photographs in that gallery are digitally manipulated to achieve the desired, often abstract, effect.

I hope you enjoy my photographs and would welcome your comments.